Dave Rickard, CTO North America at Cipher, CipherDave Rickard, CTO North America at Cipher
When the pandemic escalated the demand for secure remote access, businesses started using a variety of different tools to seamlessly run their operations. However, the presence of multiple solutions invited a significant concern regarding cybersecurity. This put a strain on the in-house IT team, which lacked the capacity for around-the-clock monitoring to keep the threats at bay. On the contrary, outsourcing day-to-day security operations to third-party organizations invited concerns around excessive expenses and security breaches.

The global cyber security company Cipher offers a feasible way forward to solve this build versus buy dilemma for organizations.

Founded in 2000, Cipher helps clients save a significant amount of money by preventing an attack at the right time and bringing security costs far less than the potential risk of loss. "Our approach to MSS is designated to serve as an extension of clients' operations. We never undertake a one size fits all approach," says Dave Rickard, CTO North America at Cipher.

Cipher offers a broad portfolio of products and services that address clients' end-to-end information security needs. This is effective in maximizing resource efficiency and minimizing response time. The company's wide range of services includes Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Managed Security Services (MSS), Cyber Intelligence Services (CIS), Red Team Services (RTS), Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), and Cybersecurity Technology Integration (CTI). It also develops and utilizes proprietary technologies and market-leading tools to automate the processes, generating efficient and scalable cybersecurity solutions.

As an MSSP, Cipher invests heavily in R&D through their technology-driven division CipherLabs to stay ahead of the innovation curve. The research innovations from the labs are then integrated into their services for a diverse clientele that ranges from mid size enterprises to world-renowned corporations and government agencies.

With its comprehensive service offering Cipher has enabled a plethora of clients to address their challenges. For instance, the attacks on learning management systems have grown by a startling 20000 percent in the last 18 to 24 months. It demands the immediate requirement for a robust endpoint security management system that can be centrally managed even with remote users. Cipher's MSS satisfies these client objectives through tailored solutions that include a diverse spectrum of 24/7/365 intelligence-driven SOC services.

  • Our Approach to MSS is Designated to Serve as an Extension of Clients' Operations. We Never Undertake a One Size Fits all Approach

What enables Cipher to maintain its leadership position is its client-centric approach and the ability to customize solutions according to clients' needs. The company's client onboarding process begins with scoping, in which the client provides input on their network topology and architecture, as well as the assets they want to be monitored. This helps set a budget for their security operations. The initial analysis is then followed by the deployment of log collectors for observations. Cipher also asserts the MSS-attuned zero trust model with strong password routines to log into the web services.

With experience spanning more than two decades in the cybersecurity space, Cipher joined the global private security giant Prosegur in 2019. This has provided Cipher with the opportunity to integrate their existing cyber security services with the physical security systems (particularly the video surveillance services) of Prosegur and the sister companies. Going forward, Cipher plans to leverage these combined services, including alarm and access control systems, video surveillance as well as cyber controls for all the aspects of a company's risk management.